VISION: All children, irrespective of their academic needs and behavioral characteristics, deserve a high quality program and instruction to achieve targeted learning and life outcomes.

GOAL: To attain learner academic and behavioral success to build program quality, and teacher knowledge and skills-sets with customized coaching and resources.

Harnessing its passions and resources to enhance program and teacher quality, Infinite Possibilities enables and empowers learners to achieve academic and behavioral success.


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Padmaja Sarathy’s webinar presentations for AbleNet University linked to her publications.

Take advantage of watching the following highly popular, educational webinars that Padmaja has presented for AbleNet University. Earn professional credit hours. The sessions are free.

Autism-focused webinars:

I. Children w/ ASD: Understanding & responding to the Communication Behavioral & Social Characteristics (On-Demand Registration)

Registration Link: https://www.ablenetinc.com/children-with-asd-on-demand-registration

Session Description:

Children with autism spectrum disorder tend to process and respond to information in the environment in unique and unusual ways which frequently present challenges to educators and families. This session will illustrate how to better understand the characteristics of children with ASD and the underlying factors that contribute to their problem behaviors in order to provide individualized support and interventions to maximize their academic, social, and behavioral outcomes. This session is part one of a three-part series.

II. Setting and Student-specific Personalized Interventions and Supports for Children with ASD (On-Demand Registration)

Registration Link:


Session Description:

This session, combining the portrayal of several student case examples and setting-specific situations, will present proactive intervention techniques and tools to reduce challenging behaviors of students with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). Empowered with best-practice techniques grounded in the positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS) approach, you can transform your knowledge into constructive action to achieve desirable long-term outcomes for children with ASD. This session is part two of a three-part series.

III. Transform Transition Meltdown to Calm-down (registration)

Registration Link:


Session Description:

Changes in routines, activities, materials, or environments can trigger transition-related tantrums in children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). Experiencing anxiety and stress, they may engage in aggressive or oppositional behaviors. This workshop, drawing from evidence-based best practices, will demonstrate how to pursue child-focused approaches – seven support strategies – to prevent transition-related meltdowns and make smooth transitions. This session is part three of a three-part series.

Mindfulness-Focused Theme

I. Cultivate Calmness, Concentration and Coping Skills (on-demand registration)

Registration Link:


Session Description:

Spark joy and grow learner’s abilities to develop calmness, concentration, and attentional control to build focus for learning. 
Learn how to integrate mindfulness-based practices as part of the daily routine while nurturing social-emotional skills.

Significant and Multiple Disabilities Webinar

IV: Joyful Learning: Engage and Advance Young Learners with Significant and Complex Learning Needs (On-Demand Registration)

Session Description:

Young learners with significant disabilities – with cognitive and communication difficulties who may also have physical, sensory and behavioral needs – require instructional delivery that maximizes their learning opportunities and minimizes the barriers to attain desired learning outcomes. This webinar will guide you on how to deliver learning opportunities with a hands-on, playful approach to motivate and sustain learner attention and advance their growth and development in cognitive, language and communication, social-emotional skills.

Registration Link:


There are additional professional development recordings of Padmaja’s past sessions available at the ableU YouTube channel. A few of them are shared below:

Effective Paraeducator Support to Students with Disabilities: A Delicate Dance

Play Games, Role-Play, Drama and Movement Activities to Build the Brain

Positive Approaches To Addressing Problem Behaviors of Students with Severe Disabilities

Part 1

Part 2